Restaurant rethink: How tech can help us to thrive in a new era


This helpful whitepaper explores the challenges faced by the industry as well as the Next-Gen solutions needed to re-imagine and deliver what the market needs now.


Why the time for a restaurant rethink is now 

The hospitality sector has been caught in an economic storm. Change has been relentless. But it's also exposed an awkward truth that needs confronting. Now's the time to act and fix it for good.


Why this matters to operators

Before the pandemic struck, some of these embedded issues were tolerated because margins were good enough — and the chief focus was on the customer experience. But now the tide has gone out and the sharp rocks have been exposed.

Put simply, bars and restaurants are often deeply dysfunctional. It's awkward to acknowledge this but it needs recognising and fixing quickly. Fortunately, tech can help.

Key processes are fragmented

Front-of-house and back-of-house operations each hold business-critical information but they fail to sync in a meaningful way. Key events are often recorded long after they happen.

Manual tasks are bad for business

Onerous, manually intensive tasks such as inventory counts don't happen regularly enough or are handled poorly. But when they lack accuracy and visibility, it's easy for mistakes and waste to creep.

Insights tell the wrong picture

So often, establishments rely on old, inaccurate or incomplete data — and try to make up the difference with intuition or gut instinct. But this is no good when you're emerging from a crisis and looking to expand.

Its time for a rethink

Next-gen tech needs to play a transformative role within hospitality businesses in 2021 and beyond. And this requires real care and practical answers, based on sound industry knowledge.

Ultimately, it's possible for 80% of daily routines to be automated and self-driving, so you can focus activities that add real value to your customers and give you a competitive advantage, whatever market conditions are around the corner.

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