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Digital transformation is proving to be a game-changer.

In a post-pandemic world, with rapidly changing business models, rising expenditures and an ongoing state of uncertainty, ‘tech-first’ operators are the ones that are thriving.

The shift to Next-Gen Tech is happening at speed. Gone are the days of labour-intensive tasks, operational blind spots and legacy tech constraints.

Next-Gen Tech gives you answers on-the-fly. It’s so adaptable that you can get your people, processes and systems working in harmony. You’re no longer hitting endless obstacles, as a result your operation will change in remarkable ways.

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A case study on digital transformation and its impact


Learn how QSR chain, Farmer J

transformed their operations with Next-Gen Tech

Digital makeovers and ‘tinkering around the edges’ are no longer enough. True digital transformation enables a rethink. It poses questions like: 

  • How do we digitise everything in real-time?
  • What if we could remove a host of manual admin tasks entirely?
  • How can we see the financial impact of altering menus or switching suppliers before we undertake these activities?
The possibilities are vast, leading to significantly greater efficiency, lower overheads, scalability, decreased costs, and a wealth of other benefits.

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Calculate how Next-Gen Tech can help double your margin!

F&B businesses often walk a financial tightrope — with a shaky 10% bottom line margin that is under constant pressure. However, it is possible to double this figure and put your operation on a firmer footing by making key changes.

Start now and assess where you can make bottom-line savings:

What is your business type(s)?
(you can select more than one category).
How many sites do you operate?
Are you looking to make savings on cost-of-goods sold by:YES
Obtaining greater visibility and controls?
Better controlling supplier prices & improving recipes?
Do you want to reduce payroll costs by:
Improving management time?
Increasing accuracy of staff scheduling?
Increase productivity with staff incentives?
Can you cut other costs by:
Increasing visibility and control of expenditures?
Can you use other initiatives to boost revenues as well:

Next-Gen Tech makes you a data-driven business

In practice, what does this mean for your operation?

When you apply the Next-Gen Tech approach, you create an information loop that powers your business:

  • Automation allows all operations to be instantly captured which gives you real-time data
  • Real-time data allows you to get actionable insights to better manage your business
  • AI forecasting enables you to look ahead and plan your work – ordering, staff schedules, kitchen preparation, and more
  • Planning tools within the system ensure processes are streamlined
  • Hints, reminders and notifications prompt employees, so operations are captured instantly.  And the cycle begins over again.
To learn more, then download our Next-Gen Tech Whitepaper below.

Boost your ROI with Next-Gen tech


Next-Gen Tech ROI benefits include:

  • Increased sales: improved order taking and efficiency of production, delivery and service
  • Reduce Cost of Sales (CoS): cutting wastage, finding optimum supplier prices, better menu optimisation etc.
  • Reduced Cost of Labour (CoL): the ability to ‘do more for less’ with existing staff
  • Other benefits: gain greater visibility, agility & control, seeing the clear business value of every decision — and having the tools to act on it

How to select a Next-Gen Tech solution

Is your tech really helping you to grow sales and reduce costs?

What if your POS tech could be more helpful, truly helpful?  What if your software could learn to take care of the people using it and their world – to transform the workload and how people feel about it, so they can thrive, and you can succeed!

5 key principles you should consider when selecting a Next-Gen solution:

  • Avoid ‘one size fits all’ solutions
  • Eliminate process automation roadblocks 
  • Forget support black holes & IT headaches
  • Ditch ineffective & obsolete tech
  • Reject long-term contracts and hidden fees.

Optimise your business with iiko


Over 35,000 operators have switched to Next-Gen Tech: 

  • Highly configurable software that flexes to the real-world problems your business faces
  • Comprehensive solution to automate and transform your processes end-to-end
  • Tech support that is fast to respond and offers solutions to improve your potential
  • PAYG subscription model means there is no hefty upfront fees or unpredictable costs and you can control your plan as you grow
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What will your operation look like in a few months?

With Next-Gen tech, transformation is within easy reach.

A Next-Gen mindset is required for operators to succeed in the months and years ahead. Change is inevitable, so exploit it ... adopt new tech, react rapidly to new opportunities, partner with Next-Gen leaders and push the boundaries.

You need a tech partner with a Next-Gen Tech mindset. iiko can enable you to pivot and change, regardless of the circumstances, always staying one step ahead.

Contact an iiko F&B Tech Expert today to discover how to transform end-to-end performance and thrive in a new era.

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